2013 Photo Contest Entries & Winners

The results are in! This year’s contest was open to everyone who participated in one of our 2012 trips to the Luberon (Provence), Chianti (Tuscany), and the Salzkammergut (Austrian alps). We received 38 entries from 21 people, representing six of our 2012 trips. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Every photo shares a different aspect of one of our 2012 trips, something that represents a special memory for the photographer. The photo may depict scenery or food, local people or fellow travelers, something poignant or funny… but it’s all part of the experience.

This slide show includes all the photos entered in the contest. (Click on the little arrow underneath the photo on the right to start the slide show. You can also hover over “Notes” to see the story each person provided about their photo.)

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

The winners were determined by our four judges, all experienced European travelers who love taking photos on their trips. The judges were only provided with the photo and the caption… no information about the photographer.

And the Winners are…

Grand Prize for Best Photograph

The prize is a $500 discount on a future European Experiences trip.

Ivan from New South Wales, Australia

Other Best Photographs

These eight winners will each receive a $50 Amazon gift certificate (or some equivalent in their country).

Beth from Illinois, USA
Dale from Tennessee, USA
Jerelen from North Carolina, USA
Joanne from Massachusetts, USA
Leslie from California, USA
Lindsay from California, USA
Marguerite from Ohio, USA
Peter from Scotland, UK

Participation Prizes

Everyone else who participated in the contest was eligible for other prizes. We decided to award all the other participants a $25 Amazon gift certificate this year!

Bob from Ohio, USA
Carol from Georgia, USA
Chuck from North Carolina, USA
David from North Carolina, USA
Effie from South Australia
Gaynor from Scotland, UK
Graeme and Elaine from Victoria, Australia
Richard from Texas, USA
Richard from Alabama, USA
Sandy from Tennessee, USA
Sharon from North Carolina, USA

We’ll be featuring these photos on our websites and Facebook page this coming year and in the future. Thanks to everyone for these special memories!