2016 Photo Contest Entries & Winners

The 2016 contest was open to everyone who participated in one of our 2015 trips to the Luberon and the Périgord.

We received 60 entries from 30 people. Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

The photos share many different aspects of our trips: scenery, food, the camaraderie with fellow travelers, interactions with local people, and so much more. Most importantly, each photo represents a special memory for the photographer from their Experience week. We hope you’ll also read the text that each person provided about their photos.

This slide show includes all the photos entered in our 2016 contest. The 10 winning photos are included first, and then the other photos follow, sorted randomly.

Instructions for viewing the slide show: Click on the side of the photo (an arrow will appear) to move forward or back in the show. Click on the three dots below the text to reveal the full description.

Photo Contest 2016

The winners were determined by four judges who worked independently. Our judges are all experienced European travelers who love taking photos on their trips. They were only provided with the photo, the location, and the caption… no information about the photographer. Although each person could enter up to two photos per trip, they were only able to win one prize.

And the Winners are…

Grand Prize for Best Photograph

The prize is a $500 discount on a future European Experiences trip.

Steve from California, USA

Grand Prize Runner-Up

Our runner-up will receive a $250 discount on a future European Experiences trip.

Effie from South Australia, Australia

Special Recognition Awards

These 8 photographers will receive a $50 Amazon gift certificate or a $50 discount on a 2016 or 2017 trip.

Ann from Louisiana, USA
Carol from Maryland, USA
Mitchell from Louisiana, USA
Karen from Illinois, USA
Karla from California, USA
Rita from Illinois, USA
Stacy from Iowa, USA
Susan from New Hampshire, USA

Participation Prizes

Everyone else who participated in the contest will receive a special prize (a France calendar or a colorful towel from Provence) to thank them for sharing their memories and being part of our contest.

Bob from California, USA
Bob from New York, USA
Bobby from Louisiana, USA
Cathy from Virginia, USA
Cheryl from Alberta, Canada
Chris from New York, USA
Cindy from Florida, USA
Don from Louisiana, USA
Frank from Maryland, USA
Jean from Victoria, Australia, USA
Jim from New Hampshire, USA
John from Victoria, Australia, USA
Kathy from Ontario, Canada
Linda from California, USA
Lindsay from Louisiana, USA
Philip from California, USA
Ron from Alberta, Canada
Sylvia from California, USA

We’ll feature these photos on our websites, in our newsletters, and on our Facebook page this coming year and in the future. Thanks to everyone for sharing their special photos with us!