2018 Photo Contest Entries & Winners

The 2018 contest was open to everyone who participated in one of our 2017 trips to the Luberon, the Périgord, Alsace, the Cotswolds, as well as our newest trip, The European Christmas Experience.

We received 105 entries from 57 people, our biggest photo contest ever. Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

The photos share many different aspects of our trips: scenery, food, unique experiences, fellow travelers, local people, and so much more. Some photos offer long views of the landscape and others focus on small details. But most importantly, each photo represents an important memory for the photographer from their Experience week. We hope you’ll also read the text that each person provided about their photo, as this provides a very special insight.

This slide show includes all the photos entered in our 2018 contest, along with the description provided by each traveler. Each person could submit up to two photos, but only one could be selected as a winning photo. The 16 winning photos are included first, and then the other photos follow, sorted by trip.

Instructions for viewing the slide show: Move through the slide show manually, using the arrows on the left and right of each photo. The caption will appear after a brief delay.

This year Kathy and Charley judged the contest and worked together. Their daughter Kelly managed the contest. Kathy and Charley judged “blind” and did not know who entered or who submitted each photo. They considered the photo and the description together, selecting a final portfolio of winners that they felt represent the many different aspects of the European Experiences trips.

And the Winners are…

Grand Prize for Best Photograph

The prize is a $500 discount on a future European Experiences trip.

Steve from California, USA

Grand Prize Runners-Up

Our three runners-up will each receive a $250 discount on a future European Experiences trip.

Andy from Florida, USA

Eric from Oregon, USA

Ross from Tennessee, USA

Special Recognition Awards

These 12 photographers were also recognized for their photos. They each won a $50 Amazon gift certificate or a $50 discount on a 2018 or 2019 trip.

Lisa from Minnesota, USA
Cheryl from Alberta, Canada
Cindy from Florida, USA
Freda from North Carolina, USA
Gloria from Tennessee, USA
Jan from New South Wales, Australia
Jim and Niki from Texas, USA
Linda from Texas, USA
Lisa from Minnesota, USA
Lorn from Oregon, USA
Meghan from Pennsylvania, USA
Ron from Alberta, Canada
Tim from California, USA

Participation Prizes

Everyone else who participated in the contest will receive a special gift from us to thank them for sharing their memories and being part of our contest.

Andree from Ontario, Canada
Bill from Ontario, Canada
Bob from California, USA
Bobby from Louisiana, USA
Cindy from California, USA
Debbie from New South Wales, Australia
Desley from Northern Territory, Australia
Diane from new South Wales, Australia
Doug from California, USA
Elizabeth from Virginia, USA
Fred from Missouri, USA
Gayle from Oregon, USA
Jackie from Oregon, USA
Jacquelyn from North Carolina, USA
Jeanette from South Africa
Jim from New Hampshire, USA
John from Tennessee, USA
Karla from California, USA
Linda from California, USA
Linda from Kansas, USA
Madeleine from Western Australia, Australia
Margaret from Louisiana, USA
Mary from Indiana, USA
Michell from Louisiana, USA
Nancy from New York, USA
Patti from Tennessee, USA
Paula from South Africa
Phil from North Carolina, USA
Roger from California, USA
Saen from California, USA
Sarah from Missouri, USA
Stacy from Iowa, USA
Stuart from New South Wales, Australia
Sue and Tony from Victoria, Australia
Sue from Massachusetts, USA
Susan from New Hampshire, USA
Suzanne from Florida, USA
Tom from Louisiana, USA
Wendy from New South Wales, Australia

We’ll feature these photos on our websites, in our newsletters, and on our Facebook page this coming year and in the future. Thanks to everyone for sharing their special photos with us!