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I’ve always enjoyed sharing our travel experiences and helping other travelers. Here are links to my internet articles, trip reports, and blogs. Some of my writing tells about our family’s travels. Most of my recent articles are from the Slow Travel Tours blog; I post there five or six times a year. I’ve also written articles and trip reports for the Slow Travel website, and the Slow Europe website. (A few links are to articles written by Charley.)

Articles about Kathy and Charley (Slow Travel Tours blog)

Living the Life I Imagined The story of how my life has changed over the past 10 years.

My New Definition of Retirement Charley’s story of his life in “retirement.”

Happiness (Bonheur) in Bonnieux Our family’s love affair with Bonnieux and making our own home there.

Travel Tips (Slow Travel Tours blog)

Packing for a European Vacation

How to Dress for a European Vacation

Traveling Safely and Securely in Europe Today

Air Travel to Europe: Planning Your Itinerary and Booking Your Flight

Air Travel to Europe: Ensuring a Relaxing Transatlantic Flight

Train Travel in France: Planning Your Trip & Buying Tickets

Train Travel in France: At the Station & On the Train

Eating Out in France (Part 1): Where to Eat and Daily Meals

Eating Out in France (Part 2): The French Meal and Other Tips

Managing Money on a European Vacation: Cash and Credit Cards

Managing Money on a European Vacation: Security Issues

Travel Photos and Capturing Memories

Getting the Most from Your Small Group Tour

Learning from Mistakes

Articles about Provence (Slow Travel Tours blog)

Poppies in Provence

Nature’s Paintbrush: May and June in the Luberon

An Afternoon in Colorful Roussillon

On the South Side of the Luberon: three villages, a castle, and a bridge

Fort de Buoux

Enjoying the Markets of Provence

Shopping at the Markets of Provence

A Picnic in Provence

Experiencing a Village: Bonnieux

Bonnieux and the Crèches de Noël

A Secret Spot in the Luberon

Other European experiences (Slow Travel Tours blog)

Experiencing Europe at Christmas

An Alsace Experience: Village Préféré des Français

A Cotswolds Experience: A Walk Along the Cotswold Way

Happiness is… the Colorful Flowers and Fields of the Cotswolds

A Cotswolds Experience: Kiftsgate Court Gardens

On the Road Less Traveled in the Périgord

Enjoying the Vézère and Dordogne Rivers

Duck, Duck, Goose… Walnut!! The Cuisine of the Périgord

Falling in Love Again… with Chianti!

Experiencing a Village: Castellina-in-Chianti

A Chianti Experience: Our Friend Francesco

Our Cooking Class with Stefania and Giulietta

A Chianti Experience: Dinner at Lamole

Articles on Slow Travel and Slow Europe

Alpine Adventures in the Mountains of Germany and Austria: I wrote this article for Slow Europe, focusing on the Salzkammergut and the Bavarian Alps as wonderful destinations for a “slow” vacations of a week or more.

You CAN Afford Europe this Year!: I co-authored this article with Pauline Kenny, founder of Slow Travel and Slow Europe in March 2008, drawing on a variety of ideas for cost-effective travel posted by Slow Travel members. Our article was referenced in the New York Times in October 2008.

Your First Trip to Europe: Advice from Experienced Travelers: This article on the Slow Travel website also draws on advice from many Slow Travel members. Although it’s directed to first-time European travelers, most of the suggestions are valuable to people who have visited Europe many times.

Enjoying Europe with Young Children: We made our first trip to Europe when our daughter was only 14 months old. Many people feel it’s too difficult to travel internationally with a child. We think it only enriches the experience. This article discusses some approaches that will help ensure a positive trip for children and their parents.

Activities for Children and Families in Provence: Provence is a wonderful vacation destination for families. This article includes suggestions of places and activities in Provence that children will especially enjoy.

Food for Children and Families in Provence: Dealing with foreign food is often a challenge for American families. This article provides suggestions for family-oriented dining and menu choices in Provence.

Hiking in the Luberon: I’m biased, but I think this article is the best resource on the internet about the great hiking in the Luberon area of Provence. I also provide detailed directions for four of our favorite hikes.

Saturday at the Apt Market: We love the Saturday outdoor market in the town of Apt in the Luberon (Provence, France). The market is large even in the off-season. This story describes a typical winter day at the market during the time we lived in Provence.

An American Thanksgiving in Provence: In November 2004 we celebrated this special American holiday with other expatriate families at the farmhouse where we were living in Provence. We had some interesting experiences getting ready to host this traditional meal.

Our Day with Diva: Our family had a wonderful day taking a cooking class with Divina Cucina in Florence, Italy, 2005.


Travel Blogs

Slow Travel Tours blog: We’re one of the founders of Slow Travel Tours, an informal affiliation of people like us who lead small group tours in Europe. Each week a different member of our group posts to our blog, so you’ll find me posting here on a regular basis. All of us have a real passion for our own special places in Europe and a deep commitment to the benefits of a more extended stay in one place. I really look forward to these weekly posts.

Our Grand Tour of Europe: The detailed journal of our family’s 14-month trip in Europe (June 2004-August 2005),  including 11 weeks in the United Kingdom; 7-1/2 months in France; 11 weeks in Italy; and 6 weeks in the Alpine countries.

The Trail’s our Thing: I’ve used this site to blog about some of our other travels and experiences, including extended trips to Europe in the summers of 2006 and 2007. There are lots of photos. These trips included a long-distance walk in Ireland, housesitting both summers in Provence, and my first experience attending a French language school in Aix-en-Provence. Many posts relate to the Luberon.