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Our special week for women only (May 19-26, 2012)

We’re looking forward to our fourth annual Luberon Experience “Women’s Week” small group tour in May 2012.  Women’s Week is a special week initiated by Kathy and something she’s very passionate about. “Before I met Charley, I’d always wanted to go to Europe, but I didn’t have anyone to go with.  After we started traveling together, I met many women who wanted to travel abroad but didn’t want to go alone or end up on a tour surrounded by couples. My travel experiences had such an impact on me, and I really wanted to help more women travel and especially to experience the Luberon. So when we started our trips, we decided to designate one of our Luberon Experience weeks each year as a ‘Women’s Week.'”

We want to emphasize that women are welcome on all of our European Experiences weeks. We don’t have designated “couples” weeks, and it’s unusual for us to have a group that’s only couples.  But some women really prefer an all women’s group– and we understand why. It’s relaxing and fun! Since we started our Women’s Week in 2007, our groups have included women of all ages: solo travelers, college roommates, friends, mothers and daughters, and sisters. In less than 24 hours we’re all a group of friends.

Scarf night with KimOur itinerary is usually about the same as our other Luberon Experience weeks: outdoor markets, perched villages, winery visits, incredible meals. Many women especially enjoy the short hikes led by Kathy. (Other options are always offered for those who prefer not to hike.) One added feature of Women’s Week is our “scarf night” when our friend Kim comes to our guesthouse. Kim sells beautiful and reasonably priced scarves at many of the local markets. She brings her stall to the living room of our guesthouse and shows us the tricks of wearing scarves that special French way.

No Luberon Experience week is ever the same.  We find out what’s important to each traveler and include other activities in the week based on the interests of the group. This could include shopping, gardens, hiking, photography or more.  And we always have time for spontaneous unplanned moments.

On the Petit Luberon mountainOur Women’s Week is casual and very comfortable in an absolutely beautiful setting.  May is an especially wonderful time of year in Provence because of the fields of bright red poppies and other flowers. We laugh a lot and have great discussions, sometimes long into the night.  One group went up to the local cafe almost every night after dinner. This is a week when we do exactly what we want to do and don’t worry about impressing anyone.  Many of our Women’s Week participants tell us this was a week that changed their lives.

Read more about The Luberon Experience here and be sure to check our photo album. Our base is the medieval village of Bonnieux… safe, welcoming, and authentic, with amazing views across the countryside. Our guesthouse is right in the village and includes a lovely garden and swimming pool, a guest kitchen, comfortable living areas, wireless internet, and a guest computer. All rooms have ensuite bathrooms with showers, and most rooms can be configured with two twin beds. One room can be a triple with three twin beds, and the other rooms are doubles. We definitely welcome solo travelers but need to charge a little more since rooms are priced as doubles. We try to match roommates when we have solo travelers who are interested in sharing a room.

Our 2012 Luberon trips are priced at $2800 per person for double occupancy, $2500 per person for triple occupancy, and $3300 for single occupancy.

Although this is an all-women’s trip, there is one important man involved. Charley is with us… most of the time.  Think of him as a helpful older brother or fun uncle.  As the father of three daughters (ages 18 to 40), the idea behind our Women’s Week is important to him too. He’s there when we need him as our second driver, wine expert, Mr. Fix-It, and luggage handler. And having two leaders and two vehicles enables us to offer options and sometimes take smaller groups in different directions.

Contact us for more detailed information about our 2012 Women’s Week in Provence, May 19-26.  Whether you’re on your own or with a friend, sister, mother or daughter, this will be a week of your dreams!

Read more about our Women’s Week in Kathy’s recent article on the Slow Travel Tours blog: The Special Camaraderie of an All-Women’s Tour. The article includes comments from several of our Women’s Week travelers.

Women's Week 2010

From Women’s Week 2010 – one of our Photo Contest winners (by Lindsay from California)