Dorothy’s Memories

IMGP4388We first met Jim and Dorothy in Provence in September 2008 when they joined us for a Luberon Experience week.  They live in our own city of Knoxville but we didn’t know each other before we met in France!  Like most other European Experiences travelers, they found us on the internet.

Jim and Dorothy have now been with us for six Experience trips:  The Luberon Experience in 2008 and 2009; The Salzkammergut Experience in 2009; The Périgord Experience in 2013; The Cotswolds Experience in 2013; and The Chianti Experience in 2014.  They’ve brought family and friends on several of these trips.

Here’s how Dorothy responded when we asked her to share just one memorable experience:

“How do you pick a favorite child?”

All our wonderful trips with Kathy and Charley cannot be ranked, but are savored with each photograph and subsequent flood of memories…

… savoring the flavor of French strawberries, melons, and roasted chicken

… sharing wine in a rose garden with our new best friends

… seeing a stark white, former limestone quarry being used to project Van Gogh art

… agreeing with the selection of the “Most Beautiful Villages” in France

… hearing Charley and Pino sing to check acoustics of the Cortona Opera House

… delighting in the blue Provence shutters and green doors in competition with the red geraniums and climbing pink roses

… knowing we can always order goulash in Germany or Austria and ragu in Italy and LOVE it

… visiting the ornate Bleinham Palace, birthplace of Winston Churchill, in the morning and in the afternoon visiting his simple, yet dignified resting place in a village cemetery

… having a Pimms Cup in our Pub hotel, while playing cards with friends

… enjoying our daughter and niece’s conversation in French, while feeling very proud we can say “please,”  “thank you,” or “Good day”

You see, we could go on and on about the lovely tours of the Woods, but you must experience it for yourself!

In the Périgord with (l to r) niece Mary Katherine, sister Joan, and daughter Emily.

In the Périgord with (l to r) niece Mary Katherine, sister Joan, and daughter Emily.