There are several ways you can pay us for your deposit or final payment for a trip, a donation for a virtual experience, or other payments to European Experiences. As a small business, it’s important for us to be sensitive to these costs so we can offer high-value trips, so we appreciate if you can pay by personal check, Zelle or Venmo, to eliminates extra fees. But Transferwise and PayPal payments are also accepted!


By personal check

Make checks to “European Experiences” and mail to us at:

Kathy Wood
European Experiences
945 Ethans Glen Drive
Knoxville, TN 37923


By Venmo

Venmo QRC European Experiences


By Transferwise (requested for international payments)

Please contact us for our banking information.

You can also process a payment using our email address:


By PayPal

If you prefer to pay a deposit or make a final payment for a trip by Pay Pal, we’ll send you a Pay Pal invoice.
Please email us when you’re ready for the invoice.

Make a donation for a Virtual European Experience

(Please note the program/presenter you’re donating for.)