Photos – The Périgord

The Périgord is a highly-scenic and historic area of southwest France, dominated by the Dordogne River, one of the major rivers in France.

Castles, caves, gardens, and markets. Medieval towns and villages; ancient abbeys and churches. Forests, farmland, and vineyards. Regional cuisine featuring duck, walnuts, truffles, strawberries, and other fresh produce. You’ll see, experience, and enjoy all this and more on our Périgord Experience week in the Dordogne.

We’ve visited this area numerous times, including a long-distance walking trip in 2009. In 2012 we returned for three weeks to finalize plans for our first Périgord Experience trips and to enjoy some vacation time at the end of our summer tours. And then in 2013 we were back with our first three Périgord groups. We love this area… we can’t wait to get back and to share it with more travelers. You’ll see why in our slide show.

Instructions for viewing the slide show: Click on the side of the photo (an arrow will appear) to move forward or back in the show.

Best of the Perigord