Travelers’ Feedback

from early years of European Experiences

At the end of each week we ask our travelers to complete a detailed evaluation form. We learn more about what they most enjoyed and get great ideas for improvements for future trips. We wanted to share some comments from these evaluations to help you understand more about our approach to travel and what you can expect on one of our trips.

“Because we didn’t have to pack and tramp to a new destination every few days, it was so easy to relax. The sense of urgency to see it all in a day was gone. Kathy and Charley gave us the opportunity to meet wonderful people and experience incredible out of the way places where no tour guide would take you.” (Mary – Pennsylvania)

“The Salzkammergut is such a beautiful area, and St. Gilgen is a lovely village. The entire day Sunday was one beautiful view after another.” (Jane – Arizona)

“My favorite part of the trip was feeling like I really “experienced” the culture as opposed to being a true tourist. The group size was ideal for a trip like this. The mix of activities and Kathy and Charley’s personal connection to the area greatly enhanced our week.” (Nancy – Tennessee)

“This was truly one of the best weeks away that I have had in a long time! … I enjoyed the intimacy of a small group, one location to stay in, and such a varied itinerary to experience this region of Provence.” (Stacy – Iowa)

“Kathy and Charley made every day a different experience and I enjoyed myself all the time.” (Don – New South Wales, Australia)

“Absolutely perfect—best vacation I have ever had.” (Fynne – North Carolina)

“I hate traditional tours, enjoy immersion, and feel I really know something about Provence now. I got way more than I hoped for. I loved the people we were with and the whole experience. Bravo!” (Sally – Massachusetts)

“The flexibility of our leaders and the smallness of the group made a nice balance between freedom/flexibility and tour/group activities. The Luberon was just what I was looking for in this vacation. John and I had both seen many cities and done “fast” travel in Europe. The ability to slow down and see much more of a small (and beautiful) region was good for us.” (Betsy – Minnesota)

“This was our 6th trip to Europe and by far the best. You promised much in your website and you delivered even more—that is hard to do. You love what you do and it shows!” (Bob – Ohio)

“I really loved this week! Kathy and Charley are friendly, patient, generous and accommodating. I especially liked how they catered for different tastes, for the energetic and not-so-energetic. I can definitely say that this was more than I thought it would be and all I could have hoped for.” (Kim – Victoria, Australia)

“Kathy and Charley did a great job of mixing the activities. The sum of the parts really makes the experience.” (Steve – California)

“You plan everything so carefully. We know that any trip with you will be special.” (Diane – Arizona)

“The experience far exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed everything! We did so many things a “regular” tour could not do. It is not very often that an entire week so greatly exceeds a year’s expectations!!” (Larry – Texas)

“The trip would not have been as wonderful without Kathy and Charley. They made the trip, and the people in the town knew them and really liked them.” (Gloria – California)