Our Special Commitment to Travel for Women

We’re offering six trips for Women in 2024 and four trips in 2025

When my husband Charley and I started European Experiences in 2006, one of my personal goals was to help other women enjoy Europe the way I did. As a younger woman, I had always wanted to go to Europe but didn’t have anyone to go with. Finally, in 1991 just after Charley and I got engaged, I went with two women friends on a two-week, fast-paced trip. The next year the two of us went on our honeymoon to London, finally having found a life and travel partner… and the rest is history.

Cotswolds Women’s Week at Broughton Castle

I’ve now been traveling, living and working in Europe for 30+ years. I still travel often with Charley but also with our daughter Kelly and with women friends. And more frequently these days, I’m a solo traveler.

Although we love having men and couples in our groups, I continue to have a mission to encourage and facilitate women to travel. As the father of three daughters, Charley shares this goal. Now, with the addition of Jennifer Dugdale to our team in 2022, we’ve expanded this focus. Jennifer has a special passion for women travel and has led many tours for women groups.

We’ve now hosted more than 170 groups in different parts of Europe, including 750 different women. Women make up about two-thirds of our travelers, and many women have joined us for multiple trips over the years. Some women have been with us six, seven… even eleven times! Many women do come as part of a couple. But we’ve also had many solo women travelers. Mothers and daughters. Sisters. And women who’ve come with one or more women friends.

Mother/daughter – Friends – Sisters

We’ve always wanted to provide an experience that feels like traveling with friends. In our small groups, women form friendships, sometimes traveling together again in the future. We make personal connections with our travelers even before we meet in Europe at the start of a trip. When you join us, you will be traveling with friends!

Women find our small-group trips very comfortable and welcoming. They enjoy the connection with other women who are drawn to the same area, the activities included in our trip, the involvement with local people, and the personal connections within a small group. Our focus on a week in one place, usually in a village or small town in a beautiful area, is a unique experience. It’s safe.

We’ve now expanded from our countryside-based trips to include four-night “Inside” trips based in cities. Our Inside Paris women’s trip is especially popular, since some women are unsure about spending time in a big city alone. Our city trips with our knowledgeable leader Jennifer and a small group of women travel companions makes the experience easy and comfortable.

Inside Paris Women’s group

Trips for Women in 2024 and 2025

In our early years, we hosted several “Women’s Weeks,” special European Experiences trips just for women. Women travelers are always welcome on any of our trips, but we were delighted beginning in 2022 to once again offer several trips for women-only. These trips are designed for women traveling solo or with one or more friends or family members. And although our Women’s trips will have generally the same itinerary as our other trips to that same destination, there will likely be some special activities… and, of course, a special kind of camaraderie.

Luberon Experience Women’s Week – walk to Lacoste

Learn more about our special trips just for women below. (Most of these trips are also offered at other times during the year, trips that aren’t specifically designated for women only.) We’d love to have you join us!!

The Mediterranean Provence Experience

This week is based in the waterfront village of Bandol in the protected, lesser-known western area of the French Riviera. The landscape features a mix of natural Provençal forests, rocky cliffs, coastal paths, discreet sandy coves, and the azur blue sea. Our week includes day trips to Marseille and Toulon, visits to coastal villages and vineyards, boat trips to enjoy the spectacular scenery, and much more.

2024 Women's Week: June 7-14 (Fri-Fri)
2025 Women's Week: June 11-18 (Mon-Mon)
Prices: $4,300 per person, double occupancy; $4,650 single occupancy.
Leader: Jennifer Dugdale
Inside Paris

This four-night "insider's" experience in Paris will introduce you a more authentic Paris, including experiences not normally accessible to visitors. We'll explore French gastronomy and food history, art and architecture, and homes and gardens, often through the perspective of Parisian hosts. (Note: we won't visit the major tourist sites, so this is not intended as a traveler's first visit to Paris.)

2024 Women's Trip: Sept 24-28 (Tues-Sat)
2025 Women's Trip: Oct 7-11 (Tues-Sat)
Prices: $2,800 per person, double occupancy; $3,150 single occupancy
Leader: Jennifer Dugdale
The Luberon Experience

The Luberon is an incredibly beautiful valley surrounded by low mountains and views in every direction. The authentic perched village of Bonnieux is the perfect base to experience the best of Provence. Our week includes perched villages, colorful outdoor markets, wineries, picnics, castle ruins and more. This trip was named one of National Geographic Traveler's 50 best tours in the world in 2012.

2024 Women's Week: May 25-June 1 (Sat-Sat); September 28-Oct 5 (Sat-Sat)
2025 Women's Week: May 17-24 (Sat-Sat)
Prices: $3,700 per person, double occupancy; $4,200 single occupancy
Leader: Kathy Wood
The Riviera Hillsides Experience

This week is based in a typical village near Grasse, in the scenic foothills behind the famous French Riviera, offering a very different ambiance from the glitzy beaches of the Riviera. The backcountry of the Côte d'Azur is bathed in sunshine and carpeted in olive groves. The protected micro-climate favors temperate plant species and flowers of all kinds, important for the perfume industry. Our week includes visits to perched villages and lush gardens, a special day focused on art and artists, an excursion by boat to an offshore island, food-related experiences and much more.

2024 Women's Week: May 18-25 (Sat-Sat)
2025 Women's Week: May 17-24 (Sat-Sat)
Prices: $4,300 per person, double occupancy; $4,650 single occupancy
Leader: Jennifer Dugdale
Waiting list only
The Cotswolds Experience

The Cotswolds is the English countryside you've dreamed of: an idyllic land of rolling hills, gentle streams, grazing sheep, and quaint stone cottages. The well-preserved town of Chipping Campden, with its lovely High Street, is our home for the week. Our week includes historic castles, traditional pubs, magnificent gardens, quaint villages, and an evening at an historic (and perhaps haunted) village pub.

2024 Women's Week: June 22-29 (Sat-Sat)
Prices: $3,700 per person, double occupancy; $4,100 single occupancy
Leaders: Kathy Wood

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European Experiences is a proud sponsor of JourneyWoman, a leading website and online community for women travelers. JourneyWoman has recognized us as a woman-friendly business that understands the unique needs of women travelers. Kathy is a member of the JourneyWoman Advisory Council, a small group of women with special travel expertise. We are honored!

Virtual European Experience on April 8, 2021: a special program on European Travel for Women. The program includes short presentations by Kathy Wood, Jennifer Dugdale, and Carolyn Ray (editor-in-chief and publisher of JourneyWoman). The program also includes a panel of women travelers who share their experiences and suggestions.