Eating in Europe

Enjoying the unique cuisine of each European country is a big part of the pleasure of a European vacation. And within each country, there are usually different regional specialities as well. Dining customs also vary by country, so before you leave on your trip, you’ll want to learn more about dining hours, types of eating establishments, typical meals, and other customs. These links provide some general guidance as well as specific information on several European countries.

Tips for eating in Europe

Eating Out in France (Part 1): Where to Eat and Daily Meals

Eating Out in France (Part 2): The French Meal and Other Tips

Duck, Duck, Goose… Walnut!! The Cuisine of the Périgord (My article about the food of a particular region of France)

European eating norms

Meals in France

French/English food glossary A detailed guide by a leading expert on French cuisine and cooking

Eating in Italy

Eating out in Italy How and Where to Dine

Meals in Italy

Eating in Germany (many links in this article for more information)

Eating in England