General Resources

First-Time Travelers

Your First Trip to Europe:  Article by Kathy Wood

First Trip to Europe? What to Expect: Article by Rick Steves

European Travel Websites

Go Europe: This website is filled with beneficial travel information. You can sign up for a regular newsletter.

Europe E Travel:  General European travel information with lots of maps and specific country detail.

European Travel Commission:  Lots of detailed information about European travel. You can sign up for a regular newsletter.

Europe for Visitors:  www.europeforvisitors. This website also has lots of travel resources, with a focus on Paris, Venice, Switzerland, Germany and cruises.

Rick Steves – Europe Through the Back Door:  Extensive website from the famous guidebook writer and travel show host. If you live near Edmonds, Washington, Rick’s company offers free travel classes.

Reid’s Guides: This extensive website developed by a travel writer has an emphasis on money saving tips and alternatives to traditional European travel.

Frommers: Extensive website offered by a trusted company primarily known for guidebooks.  Most of their guidebook content is actually available on their website.  (See “Destinations”)  Frommers also has the website Budget Travel with more emphasis on economical travel deals and approaches.

Fodors: This is another well-known guidebook publisher. They also have an extensive travel website and a very active message board (Listed under “Forums”).

National Geographic Traveler: This is the best travel magazine available, especially the photography. Their coverage of Europe is very good, and it’s not aimed at the “luxury” traveler like most other travel magazines. You do need to buy their hard-copy magazine to get all the content.

European Geography

Travelers IQ Challenge (Europe):  An addictive game that tests your knowledge of European geography.  You may learn something too! (Adobe Flash Player required)

Virtual Pilot: Lufthansa to Europe destination game.  Another fun quiz that tests your knowledge of the location of European cities. (Adobe Flash Player required)

Sporcle: This website has a wide variety of geography quizzes.

Your Travel Style or Personality

What’s Your Travel Style: A discussion of six different styles of traveling.

Travel Personality Quiz: A fifteen-question quiz that classifies you into one of six “travel personality” types. The website then suggests destinations that match your type.

Your Travel Personality and Avoiding Conflicts: Interesting article about the potential for conflict while traveling with another person. The discussion is targeted toward couples but is applicable to any travel companion.

Travel Personality Quiz: A fast five-question quiz to help identify your travel personality.

Special Needs and Issues

Enjoying Europe with Young Children: Article by Kathy Wood

Tips for Traveling with a Senior

Planning and Executing a Large Group Trip to Europe

Traveling with Teens

Slow and Solo in Europe

Sage Traveling: A website with useful information for disabled travelers.

Travel Compatibility Quiz

Tips for Traveling to Europe with Friends