Managing your Money

A European vacation represents a major financial investment, complicated by dealing in foreign currencies. These links provide information to help you best manage and protect your finances while making your travel arrangements and actually traveling in Europe. (See this page for tips on traveling more economically.)

Money Conversion

Conversion rates

ATMs and Credit Cards

Managing Your Money on a European Vacation – Cash and Credit Cards Kathy’s article on the Slow Travel Tours blog. Includes recommendations for the most economical banks and credit cards for international travelers.

Managing Money on a European Vacation: Security Issues Kathy’s article on security issues dealing with money while you are abroad.

11 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft While Traveling

ATM and Exchange Marchines


Absolutely Everyone you Need to Tip While Traveling 

Shopping, Taxes, and Customs

Shopping in Europe tips

European VAT taxes

Bring it Home (US Customs)

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance  Importance of travel insurance and what to look for

Travel Insurance When do you need it?

Insure My Trip An excellent resource to find the travel insurance that best meets your needs.