Planning Transportation

Transportation is a very important consideration when planning a European vacation. It’s a big expense area; most travelers are very concerned about booking flights and finding the best fares. And once you finally book those flights, other transportation decisions must be made.  What is the best way to travel?  How do you find the best prices for rental cars and trains?  Should you use budget airlines to fly between European cities instead of trains?  How do you master driving in a foreign country? The links in this section will provide a variety of resources to help answer these questions.

Traveling by Air – General Information

Air Travel to Europe: Planning Your Itinerary and Booking Your Flight My article on the Slow Travel Tours website; helpful tips for booking air travel to Europe.

Air Travel to Europe: Ensuring a Relaxing Transatlantic Flight Second article in my series on the Slow Travel Tours website; tips for ensuring a relaxing flight to Europe.

Tips for flying to Europe

Tips for bargain airfares

Advice for getting the cheapest airfare

Airline bargain tips

Understanding open jaw ticketing

Skytrax reviews of airlines and airports

Seating plans for different types of airplanes

Directory of air travel internet links

Flyertalk – a resource for frequent flyers

Airfare Comparison Websites (this site is usually where I start)

Online Travel Agencies

These well-known online travel agencies help you compare fares and schedules, including major airlines and some consolidators. You can also book your flights (and hotels and flights) through these sites.

Flying within Europe

Tips for flying within Europe

These two websites identify airlines that fly between pairs of European cities.

Traveling by Train

Car or train?

Seat 61: traveling by train in Europe

European rail travel

Point-to-point tickets vs. rail pass 

Train Travel in France: Planning Your Trip & Buying Tickets My article on the Slow Travel Tours website; part one of a two part series.

Train Travel in France: At the Station & On the Train Part 2 of my series on the Slow Travel Tours website.

Mastering Train Travel in Italy (Articles by Matt Daub of Slow Travel Tours)

Train System Websites

Check schedules and book tickets on these sites.

Trainline (Train lines for twenty different countries) (US-based online agency for booking trains in Europe)

SBB (Swiss trains website)

OBB (Austrian trains website)

Driving in Other Countries

Driving in Europe

Driving in Germany

Renting Cars

European Car Rentals

Most major car rental companies operate in Europe. We prefer to use brokers who can find you the best rate based on their volume discounts with the rental companies. Most brokers will also match the price if you find a better fare and can offer assistance if you run into problems.