Virtual European Experiences – Travel from Home!

Our “Virtual European Experiences” enabled travelers to “travel from home” when it wasn’t possible to travel in Europe. We began this project in late September 2020 and hosted 37 programs through July 2021. These programs involved 15 different presenters (most in Europe); several people hosted multiple programs.

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Virtual European Experiences

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Virtual European Experiences help you learn more about an area or culture, offer you a look at a place you might want to visit in the future, or bring back memories of a special place you’ve already enjoyed. We held our virtual experiences on Zoom, involving many of our trip co-leaders, partners and friends in Europe. These are “webinars,” where participants could see and hear the moderator and presenter(s) and their slides, photos and video. Participants could submit written questions in a special Q&A window.

A virtual European Experience with our friends Christine and Anne-Gaëlle in Alsace

Each session was about an hour, including a short introduction, a 40-45 minute program, and a question-and-answer session.

Anyone was welcome to join us.

Kathy Wood led some sessions and moderated the other sessions. For Virtual Experiences led by others, we asked participants to consider making a small optional donation of $10 – $20. 100% of any donations went to our guest presenters, most of whom weren’t able to work in tourism during this time.

We thank everyone for their contributions of over $17,000 that enabled us to provide some income to our European partners during this difficult time for the travel industry.

Kathy’s post on the Slow Travel Tours blog gives you more insight into our Virtual European Experiences, including comments from several participants in our Fall 2020 programs:

An Autumn of Traveling Virtually